Vacation month February

Fasching & fasting – In February, colorful events meets enjoyable regeneration.

This year, Fasching is rather short. The fun will be over by February 14. That's why the beginning of the month will be all about Fasching.

Ball highlights in the Zillertal

I especially recommend the masked ball of SVG Stumm. Unfortunately I don't know the exact date and place for 2021 yet, but usually it takes place in Wild West town at Camping Aufenfeld in Aschau. With good sound best entertainment is guaranteed. 

If you don't have any plans for Rosenmontag on February 15, 2021, I have a special tip. The legendary Rosenmontag ball in Fügen. If you think Rosenmontag (rose Monday) has anything to do with flowers, you are mistaken. "Rosen" (rose) actually comes from the dialect word for "rasen" (to dash or go wild). It is more like the "frenzied Monday" before Fasching Tuesday (Fat Tuesday). The Rosenmontag ball is just as wild and high-spirited with 5 bars, 4 dance floors, numerous live bands, and excellent DJs. The ball is organized by Kosis Fun Food Bar. And since Gartenhotel Crystal is expected to be represented at the Rosenmontag ball in Fügen, it is quite clear that I will be there mingling with disguise of course as is appropriate for a garden fairy. At the end, I might even win one of the great prizes at the awards ceremony. Who knows?

Fasting for connoisseurs

Christmas, New Year, and then carnival season. It is a time of wonderful festivals, celebrations, balls, and parties. Fasting time follows for good reason. Doing something good for yourself, pampering yourself, gathering new strength for mind and body - this is fasting at Gartenhotel Crystal. Exquisite treatments are awaiting you in our spa. Let yourself be whisked away to a world of well-being. How about a vital precious stone massage? This is truly something special! It combines the benefits of massage with the harmonizing healing power of stones. Or you can enjoy a regenerating Vinoble barrique wine bath, which turns a bath into a unique experience with a magnificent composition of active ingredients from grape seed extract, rose blossom water, aloe vera, red wine leaf, and oak bark. You simply have to experience this soothing special treatment.

Potions and healing powers of Mother Nature

Not only garden fairies know that the power of nature has many fascinating aspects, especially when it comes to detoxifying and purifying. Dandelion, sage, and raspberry leaves are real miracle cures. Anise, club moss, wild garlic, barberry, birch, stinging nettle, watercress, fennel, silverweed, rosehip, raspberries, heather, caraway, coriander, cleaver, corn silk, milk thistle, peppermint, rhubarb root, yarrow, primrose, celandine, silver thistle, ribwort, juniper berry, wormwood, rough horsetail, and common horsetail also support the cleansing of the body in natural ways. At Gartenhotel Crystal, we are specialists when it comes to high-quality herbal teas. All of the herbs come from our own garden, more specifically from last year's rich harvest. Mina ensures the perfect mixture. With the support of her garden fairy of course... 

There is still time to fast. Now is the time to find the perfect costume for the Rosenmontag ball, and I have to admit that I haven't had any brilliant ideas quiet yet. Perhaps I will be inspired by one of the many Fasching events here...

I am really looking forward to this ball. It would delight me even more to see you there.
Your garden fairy from the Crystal

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