Berrylicious and organic? Naturally! Good things from the Gardenhotel Crystal.

The power of the sun in a glass. Preserve the taste of the Tyrolean mountain summer. Prepare sour delights for enjoyable hours and healthy dishes for cold days with the refined harvest from the Gardenhotel Crystal manufactory’s own garden. To be eaten and enjoyed on the spot. Or for holiday memories that linger in your heart long after they’ve graced your palate. Overall, the Crystal kitchen is refreshingly close to nature. With good old-fashioned recipes and ideas that are certainly not outdated.

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Cheeky little fruits and highly effective herbs

Rasp. Blue. Straw. There is hardly a type of berry that does not thrive in the Crystal Garden. Bottled to perfection, their delightful flavours come alive as they are savoured from a glass or spread over a slice of fresh bread. Guided by senior manager Mina and head chef Reinhard, the in-house manufactory creates irresistible syrups that capture the refreshing essence of summer. Even those who prefer contrasting

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flavours can find what they are looking for. The repertoire of homemade delicacies extends to a diverse selection of complex vinegars, pickled vegetables and exquisite chutneys. As the Zillertal region is renowned for its legendary farmers’ remedies, highly effective teas and potent elixirs made from Alpine herbs are a must. Fancy a taste? Order in the shop now.

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Hotel manager turns master smoker

The Zillertal region still takes pride in upholding the tradition of raising superb livestock and respectful hunting, much to the delight of Mr and Mrs Meat Eater. Every cut of steak, sausage, rib, or loin that sizzles on the grill or in the frying pan at the Gardenhotel can be

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eaten with a clear conscience. When time allows, the hotel manager even takes to hunting himself and expertly smokes and refines delectable sausage and bacon specialities in the hotel’s own smoker. 

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