Green at every level. The Crystal flower meadow and green roofs of the Gardenhotel Crystal.

The beguiling scent of thousands of rosebuds. The breathtaking views of the mountain peaks. Whichever way you turn, a holiday at the Gardenhotel is a floral festival for all the senses. At every level.

Discovering new trails amidst drifting clouds. Drawing closer to the heavens and its creatures is possible. Step by step. On the roof gardens. They sprawl across three floors and are over 300m² in size. 275 are designed for human enjoyment, the rest reserved exclusively for our bees. For it is they who work tirelessly to provide us with what we need to live. The first floor offers a barefoot path with eight stations for a delightful sensory stroll. The second floor provides a serene setting for outdoor asanas or Tai Chi exercises. On the topmost third floor, the clouds seem within reach, creating a blissful haven where everyday worries melt away. The panoramic sun loungers add to the peaceful atmosphere. 

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Float on fragrant clouds as you follow the sun. Fully committed to their vision, the Wetscher-Falch host family transformed their Gardenhotel Crystal into a paradise for people and bees. Relax amidst thousands of blossoms in the 450 m² garden, surrounded by nature’s scented beauty. Follow the sun on its journeys across the sky – the wonderfully comfortable loungers can be effortlessly rotated 360 degrees. If you are lucky, you will meet the Grand Dame of the Gardenhotel: Mina, our senior manager and reigning queen of the roses, expertly oversees the floral splendour, ensuring their beauty blooms every day.

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