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Garden calendar
Vacation month January

Welcome to the New Year! May it be healthy and fruitful! Many sleep late on New Year's Day. Others treat themselves to a New Year's concert and lavish breakfast. 

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Vacation month February

Fasching & fasting – In February, colorful events meets enjoyable regeneration.

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Vacation month March

As an old folk saying once said: Don't fear the snow in March for a warm heart lies underneath. This is exactly what I was thinking this morning, because on the exposed spots on the snow-covered ground, I saw them. Only a few more days and the Crystal garden will be a sea of gold flowers. I'll admit that I have never counted them, but it is estimated that there are over 600 daffodils that bloom in their full glory here.

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Vacation month April

Every day is a natural spectacle. It is the time of tulips, and the newest blooms show up in the Crystal garden in the morning. It is a blaze of color that can't be described. This makes getting up in the morning twice as joyful, not just because I can welcome the newest tulips in peace and quiet. April is also probably one of the most labor-intensive months of the year… 

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Vacation month May

The merry month of May is here. Well, the first few days are not so merry, but from experience, we garden fairies know that doesn't matter, quite the contrary. According to an old folk saying, the motto is: May showers sprout the flowers. The important thing is that the weather is good on the first weekend of May because then it's time for the Gauderfest! 

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Vacation month June

Most people love May. It is called the merry month of May for obviously good reasons. If you ask me, I must admit that I am an adamant fan of June. It is not usually as hot in June as in midsummer.

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Vacation month July

Do you love golf? What could be more wonderful than teeing off in the radiant sunshine in the middle of the Zillertal mountains? Along with the Zillertal-Uderns Golf Club, which is 3 km from us, you can reach 14 other golf courses in only an hour. When it comes to tennis, leisurely cycling, or mountain biking, you have almost unlimited opportunities. Awaiting avid hikers are around 1,000 km of hiking paths.

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Vacation month August

Some people believe that a garden fairy does nothing all day other than sniff the flowers in the garden and nibble on the ripe fruit. Far from it is all I can say! To be able to offer good inspiration, we must be inspired ourselves. That's why I was out our terrace early this morning to check things out. All I can tell you is that the view was phenomenal!

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Vacation month September

I can hardly wait for it. Only a few more days, and I will see my dear Zilli again when she returns from her summer retreat. I was present at her birth and I immediately fell in love with her. Standing on her own right away, curious, and indescribably sweet. Whenever possible, I would visit her, and she would just grow bigger and bigger. She has grown up truly magnificently. We have never been separated as long as we have now, since Zilli was on the Hochleger in the summer. 

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Vacation month October

It is softer now, the October sun. Nevertheless, during my garden inspection this morning, it turned the dew drops into thousands and thousands of tiny crystals. It's hard to describe how beautiful the garden world is here when everything glitters and shines. Typical crystal.

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Vacation month November

Almost everything has been harvested, and it was a rich harvest this year. The storage room is filled to the brim with the finest natural products. This is the perfect time for a special delicacy

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Vacation month December

The garden now rests and gathers strength for the new season, and nature appears to support it. During my morning round, I was a bit surprised. It had snowed overnight. Everything is covered by what looks like a thick, white blanket of cotton. It's as though Mother Nature is spreading a protective blanket over the garden. The sounds are muted. It is a magical quiet. Even the assembly of the nativity scene does not disturb it. The wonderful nativity scene by famous Tyrolean artist Carl Felder has been a part of our holiday season for many years.

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