A temple for the body. A home for the soul. The atrium Spa at the Gardenhotel Crystal.

Growth is only possible for those who are grounded. The atrium tree ascends to the sky as an allegory of what it means to be human. Realms of true relaxation open up all around. The soul flourishes in silence, while the work on body and mind bears new fruits in movement. This expansive world of wellness includes two floors dedicated to sauna, fitness, beauty, massage and fresh air. Exclusively for guests aged 18 and over.

A tree and a feast for the eyes

Clean lines and timeless design dominate. While others focus on bells and whistles, Wolfgang Pöschl, renowned architect and State Prize winner, has created the atrium Spa as a sacred sanctuary for deep relaxation. This is a new dimension in alpine wellness, featuring a centrepiece of sycamore maple and a rooftop brine pool.

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Discover the beauty of sweating

It is an ancient ritual deeply rooted in human memory: the meeting of fire and water, culminating in profound relaxation. In the atrium Spa, we celebrate the art of sauna amidst breathtaking views of verdant gardens and majestic mountain peaks.

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There is strength in movement

Feel every fibre of your body as your heart quickens its rhythm. The atrium Spa offers personal training across two floors, raising the bar on wellness experiences. Featuring top-of-the-line strength and cardio equipment, along with inspiring mountain views.

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Quiet, please!

Even the reception area is designed to lower cortisol levels. There are multiple rooms and a 60m² sun terrace for those seeking peace and quiet. For daydreaming. Dozing. Gathering strength. The atrium Spa: an adults-only temple of tranquillity.

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On the roof of the wellness world

The brine pool is truly the highlight in every sense of the word. Nestled amidst the accessible rooftop garden and featuring 32-degree water, it is the crowning jewel of the atrium Spa at the Gardenhotel Crystal.

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Loveliness and shapeliness

The finest massages and rejuvenating treatments… exclusive therapies for inner and outer beauty: Experience self-care like never before. For a glow that lasts beyond your holiday.

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