The most beautiful playground for children of all ages. Get active in the lush surroundings of the Gardenhotel Crystal.

Unleash your inner child! Let it run wild and free. It’s not uncommon to see whooping adults on the trampoline, especially when a team-building event is underway. Regular guests also love to let off steam in the garden.

Who cares about winning?

The sheer delight of motion and the yearning for joyful exuberance. Playtime gives hidden aspects a chance to surface and express themselves. The garden at the Crystal is a versatile space that offers both a tranquil retreat and an exciting playground for the exact opposite. Like in childhood, making new friends comes naturally while playing games like giant chess, curling and archery, table tennis and badminton in the Crystal Garden. Some last a lifetime.

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Yoga in the great outdoors

Nowhere else does Prana flow as freely as in the fresh air. Doing the downward dog feels exceptionally comfortable on the soft grass. Other asanas also come easily. Yoga instructor Carola takes advantage of the chance to practise outside in the tranquil Crystal Garden when the weather allows. Yoga beginners are very welcome! Because not all beginnings have to be difficult. They can also be very easy.

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