Fun swimming? But of course! The purest pleasure. The Green Pool at the Gardenhotel Crystal.

It shimmers in rich shades of green and deep blue, like a portal to another dimension. A dragonfly circles on the mirror-smooth surface. It’s time to dip beneath the water. Far down into the essence of being, into worlds of deep relaxation.

No fuss, just the natural joy of bathing. 130m² of the purest mountain spring water. Effortlessly rejuvenated with Mr Grander’s signature touch and exquisitely shaped to perfection according to the artistic vision of architect Wolfgang Pöschl. The natural bathing pond at the Gardenhotel is bathing culture in its purest form. Free from chlorine or other chemical treatments, there are two levels for swimming

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or simply letting yourself and your imagination drift. That’s precisely what the 20-metre sports pool and separate relaxation pool are designed for. Above, below, and all around, there’s ample space to bask in the sun's warm embrace and revel in this peaceful haven's tranquillity.

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