7th Crystal Charity Golf Cup

on 15th July 2017

On 15th July 2017 the Wetscher-Falch Family (owners) and Peter Unterguggenberger (general manager), invited golfers to participate in the 7th Crystal Charity Golf Cup in favour of "Zillertaler helfen Zillertalern" (a local charity association). The tournament 2017 took place with good conditions at the at the Golfclub Zillertal/Uderns. 

The first out of approx. 70 participants started the tournament at 7.30 am. The light rain didn't reduce the motivation of the golfers by no means. The evening event with fine dining and a glass of wine took place at Gartenhotel Crystal.

The Wetscher-Falch family, Mr. Peter Unterguggenberger, and the Gartenhotel Crystal team would like to thank the many helping hands and sponsors from the bottom of their heart. Without their help, this great day would not have been possible.