Vacation month November

Almost everything has been harvested, and it was a rich harvest this year. The storage room is filled to the brim with the finest natural products. This is the perfect time for a special delicacy

It is quieter now. The anticipation grows ...

Almost like the last greeting from the Crystal garden: at the end of October at the latest, we pick the not yet mature tomatoes from the vine and use them for green tomato salad. This is a unique treat in winter! I love Mina's green tomato salad. It tastes simply sensational. She prepares it according to a very old recipe that she got from

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her grandmother. Until now, this traditional recipe has been passed down only to family. However, Mina says: only the best is good enough for our guests, so she will give you a glance into the recipe book and wishes you good luck in preparing the green tomato salad à la Crystal:

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Mina's home recipe: green tomato salad
Whether with meat or on a cold plate - the green tomato salad is more than just a highlight. You could also say it has magical powers, because when you are enjoying it in winter and you think about the beautiful summertime here at Gartenhotel Crystal, it will conjure up a smile on your face. You will see...
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Christmas markets
And since I'm talking about smiling: there is something else to look forward to. Perhaps this is because we garden fairies don't have much to do in November, and we can indulge in a little bit of dreaming. Of course, I'm aware that we only have November, but I must admit how excited I get about Advent. This is simply a wonderful time here. The Christmas markets have a very special atmosphere - genuine, authentic.

Mayrhofen Advent market on the Waldfestplatz

A romantic walk through the Scheulingwald forest leads directly to the Waldfestplatz. Awaiting you here in the middle of beautiful, old trees is a small, idyllic Advent market. Take a seat by the open fire. While you listen to wind ensembles and Klöpflsänger (carol singers), you can enjoy regional treats from locals away from all the usual Christmas hustle and bustle. My special recommendation: Zillertal donuts! 

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Christmas market in Rattenberg

You should also visit the Christmas market in Rattenberg. Austria's smallest town will impress you with its enchanting Advent ambiance. Quiet and contemplation are at the forefront. On Saturdays, there are no electric lights. It is so romantic and beautiful when this medieval town is lit exclusively by candles, torches, and open fires. It's impossible to describe. You simply have to see it! 

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Krampus parades and St. Nicholas processions

And there are many Krampus parades and St. Nicholas processions... Nicholas is always confused with Santa Claus, but the two have almost nothing in common. Santa Claus is not part of a legend. He is pure invention and strictly speaking only a gift bringer. By contrast, Nicholas actually lived and was in Asia Minor at the end of the 3rd century. He came from a very rich house and was a priest and later a bishop. Many stories have been passed down about his extraordinary willingness to help. He was known for his love of mankind far beyond his borders, and as a reminder of this great man, St. Nicholas' Day is celebrated on December 6. This is a day that is as eagerly awaited by garden fairies as by children, because he brings

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nuts, tangerines, and apples as presents. Apart from his delicious presents, I look forward to the sparkling of children's eyes. In Fügen, the St. Nicholas market with the traditional St. Nicholas procession takes place on December 5th.  When you think of St. Nicholas, you also can't forget about Krampus. I recommend the big Krampus parade in Uderns. Over 300 Krampuses are expected. There will also be a spectacular fire show followed by a party! An absolute must for Krampus fans!   There are still a few more days until Christmas and New Years' Eve. This is the perfect time to get in a festive, holiday mood don't you think? 

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