Vacation month March

As an old folk saying once said: Don't fear the snow in March for a warm heart lies underneath. This is exactly what I was thinking this morning, because on the exposed spots on the snow-covered ground, I saw them. Only a few more days and the Crystal garden will be a sea of gold flowers. I'll admit that I have never counted them, but it is estimated that there are over 600 daffodils that bloom in their full glory here.

Spring awakening – The new garden season begins!

The days become noticeably longer. The sun gains strength. Spring is coming and with it the willows and blooming hazels. The blossoming of all plants will begin soon in the garden. Gooseberries, pear trees, and apple trees - blooms sprout forth everywhere

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and spread their wonderful aroma. It would be wonderful to stand in the garden all day and take in the smells, but there is hardly time. This is the beginning of garden season and garden work.

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The lunar calendar

Thank goodness Mina has many helpers, because the countless trees and bushes in the Crystal garden are a real challenge. In addition, we follow the lunar calendar even if critics say that it can't be scientifically proven. Mina always says you can see that it works. The garden shows it, and I think that she is absolutely right. On the lunar calendar, there is a harvest moon. During this time, plant juices rise to the top. This is the perfect time to harvest the above-ground parts and flowers. This guarantees that you will be able to give the wood a perfect finish, and it is an ideal time to take cuttings. There is also a planting moon. This is the waning moon. These are the days when plant juices move downwards. This is when you should plant and sow so that everything takes root and grows. During this time, you should also cut

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trees and bushes. This significantly reduces the risk of lignification and gapping. In March, there are only 7 days that are suitable for this. This means that we must really hurry. If you have seen the many trees and bushes in the Crystal garden, then you know what I'm talking about… For the past few days, I have been meaning to take a whiff of the lilacs. This mystical, incomparably enchanting scent. However, this is probably a trick on my imagination. The blossoms are definitely still closed, but it can't be too much longer. I especially look forward to the end of March. Myriads of tulips boom everywhere in the garden. In all colors. In all sizes. Then, spring shows itself in its full splendor. It's impossible to describe; you simply have to see it for yourself.

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