Vacation month August

Some people believe that a garden fairy does nothing all day other than sniff the flowers in the garden and nibble on the ripe fruit. Far from it is all I can say! To be able to offer good inspiration, we must be inspired ourselves. That's why I was out our terrace early this morning to check things out. All I can tell you is that the view was phenomenal!

Love, music, aromas – In August, there is always something in the air…

The first rays of sunlight made the morning dew sparkle along with the indescribable mountain panorama and the azure sky behind it. If you've ever seen the Crystal garden, you know what I mean. From here, you can see the green pool and our lush, green sunbathing

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area surrounded by shrubs with their colorful flowers. In the background are the mighty mountain chains of the Tux, Kitzbühel, and Zillertal Alps. Start your day right with a lavish breakfast on the terrace. 

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Summer, sun, and swimming fun

My morning inspection confirms that it will be a glorious August day. Perfect for swimming and relaxing. The important question is where? The Schlitterer See is a lake that is only 5 km away. The Krummsee lake is 18 km away, the Reintalersee lake is 19 km away, and the Achensee lake is 25 km away. If you prefer to stay indoors but still value nature: Our 20 m long green pool is filled with crystal-clear Zillertal water, invigorated in the Grander way and clarified

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by a chlorine-free regeneration zone. Pure nature. There immersion becomes pure pleasure. And after a relaxing bathing day, let our kitchen team spoil you. With romantic candlelight, you can enjoy the best of the kitchen and cellar on the Crystal Terrace. In five courses. Because there can be no such thing as too much enjoyment. Isn't that a good inspiration for a mild night?

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The aroma of herbs is in the air
There is some news when it comes to the topic of fresh air. It is already well-known that we place great importance on nature and sustainability here at Gartenhotel Crystal. Mina and I have already gathered the first flower harvest including quite a large amount of lavender, which is now drying in the garden shed. The flowers will then be added to handmade lavender sachets, which will serve as an olfactory highlight in every room throughout the year. The herb harvest is also already in full swing. Thousands of leaves are drying on the table in the garden shed. I keep a close watch on the herbs, because when opening the door, they could easily be blown away by the wind. That would not be good at all, because we want to use them for our delicious tea or magnificent herbal salt.

August: the month of roses

Roses have a high season. There are over 40 rose bushes here spread out on the 4,400 m² Crystal garden. All colors, all sizes, and all fragrances. Mina says it is a gift from Mother Nature that must be nurtured and cared for. Of course, she is absolutely right. Mina prepares rose oil, rose vinegar, and delicious rose jam according to secret recipes. This is nature at its finest. Like it or not, you simply can't help but be enchanted. Mina always says that homemade tastes

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much, much better. That's why she decided to share her recipe for rose jam.  If you don't want to cook or don't have any prepared roses available, you don't have to do without this exceptional treat for long: you can purchase the homemade jam from us. If you don't want to cook or don't have any prepared roses available, you don't have to do without this exceptional treat for long: you can purchase the homemade jam from us. 

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