Vacation month April

Every day is a natural spectacle. It is the time of tulips, and the newest blooms show up in the Crystal garden in the morning. It is a blaze of color that can't be described. This makes getting up in the morning twice as joyful, not just because I can welcome the newest tulips in peace and quiet. April is also probably one of the most labor-intensive months of the year… 

A month of variey. A month of possibilities.
April is a month in which almost everything seems possible. Well, maybe not sunbathing in 30° C. Morning is perfect for skiing, if you love skiing with pleasant temperatures. Following sports are culinary highlights: after a well-earned, delicious lunch, a short time-out on the terrace of the Crystal garden is ideal, and in the afternoon, you have the choice: perhaps a round of golf, a bike tour or a hike in the spring sun?

HIKING TIP – Fügen/Oberhaus/Fügen

You will start at the tourist office in Fügen and head towards the Spieljoch lift. The path leads past the parsonage and secondary school. At Appartementhaus Spieljoch, turn left towards St. Pankrazkirche church. Continue in the direction of Gasthof Steiner. Shortly before the inn, go left over the bridge to the Kupfnerberg. After around 30 min., you will be at the Oberhaus snack station and Seehüter. On the return trip, the path leads via the Krapfenboden. Go left here into the valley to the Platzlstall.

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If you go left here, you will pass the Edhof riding stables and return to Fügen via the community of Kapfing. With a duration of around 3 ½ hrs., this hike is an excellent afternoon program. (Click here for the exact path description). This hike also offers a wonderful opportunity to gather spring flowers. Cowslip for our syrup comes from here. If you would like to make your own syrup, simply ask Mina. I am sure that she will share the recipe with you.

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