Gartenhotel Crystal, the wellness hotel with a big swimming pool - Gartenhotel Crystal


The Energy of the Wet Element

We all know it is the most widespread liquid on earth. Also that the human body is mostly made up of water. But water is much, much more. Water is a primal force. Water is the source of all things. Water is life. It is more refreshing and more invigorating than anything else.

The invigorating effects of water are something you can see and feel for yourself here at our Crystal Water World. Our spa facilities span some 950 m2, providing ample space for this wet element to manifest all its wonders.

beschaulich und beruhigende Plätze im Garten

Welcome to a magical place, shimmering like a string of iridescent pearls. We are talking about our spacious indoor pool facilities, of course, including an illuminated grotto and waterfall. Or unwind in our hot tub, enjoying the steady pressure of its massage jets. In the spa area of our hotel, you will experience delights of bathing that are truly wondrous, with your total relaxation guaranteed.

Natural Bathing Enjoyment in the Crystal Garden

Beginning in spring 2014, our guests will also be able to enjoy the "Green Pool", which is 20 m in length and 3800 m² in total recreation area, located in the Crystal Garden. The water itself spans 130 m³, while the separate relaxation pool (41 m³) invites you to unwind completely. 

For us this is yet another service we are proud to offer you, a way to further sweeten your summer stay with us. Filled with crystal-clear Zillertal water - reenergized using Grander technology and clarified by means of a regeneration zone without having to resort to chlorine - from the moment you check in, you will be counting the minutes until you, too, get to swim out into our glorious Green Pool. 

Vertical walls guarantee you will be able to dive safely into that pure water. The sunny sunbathing area, which consists of lawns and a wooden deck with shade provided by trees, is a seamless complement to the pool itself. The new Green Pool was designed by our long-time architectural collaborator, Wolfgang Pöschl.