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The purest joy

Our conscious use of materials and the integration of nature are special qualities of our sauna facilities. Whichever form of sweating therapy you select, you will experience unforgettable sauna enjoyment sure to appeal to every one of your senses.

Fans of traditional sauna experiences are greeted by our Finnish sauna. At a temperature of 94°C, it activates the metabolism and cleanses your body. Hot & cold foot baths before and after your time in the sauna enhance the effects even further.

The organic sauna is beneficial for the cardiovascular system, combining the advantages of a Finnish sauna with those of a steam bath. By pleasant temperatures ranging from 50-60°C, you are able to unwind wonderfully.

In the steam bath with its saltwater nebulizer, atomized sea salts cleanse and strengthen the respiratory passages. At a temperature of 45°C, barely any stresses are placed on the cardiovascular system at all. At the same time, sweating in the steam bath makes your skin soft and smooth, and removes built-up toxins. The aroma grotto utilizes light therapy in activating your body's own energies. Enveloped in wonderful worlds of fragrance, you are able to unwind at a pleasant 50°C temperature. The amethyst fountain, on the other hand, releases the healing effects of amethyst. Its violet shimmer and its natural resonance ensure a peaceful sleep, simultaneously dispelling anxiety and nervousness.

Naturally, our sauna facilities also feature a cold-water pool and a Kneipp spa. After an invigorating sauna session, our numerous heat benches provide a wonderful setting for regeneration. Or you can take advantage of our latest additions: In the new Crystal Pine Room, letting go has never been easier. Along with its distinctive architectural elements, the use of pine contributes successful visual accents, creating an ideal environment for peace and relaxation. It soothes the heart and cardiovascular system, and gives you renewed strength and vitality. 

Finnische Sauna und Eisbrunnen
Aqua Meditationsraum

An oasis of tranquility of an exceptional kind is provided by our new Crystal Aqua Meditation Room. Enjoy deep relaxation, during which several of your senses are affected simultaneously. Surrounded only by soft materials, soothing harmony becomes tangible. A room temperature of 30°C allows you to stay as long as you wish - a fundamental basis for any process leading to deep relaxation! The harmoniously conceived colors of the water pillars are perceptible even with your eyes closed. Providing an understated acoustical backdrop are natural water sounds and exceptionally soothing, relaxing music. The Aqua Meditation Room provides the ideal, harmonious setting in which to truly "let go".