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Massage & Cosmetics Offers

Manual work of the very finest

For over three thousand years, it has rightfully been regarded as an effective form of therapy and care. For a good massage gets under your skin, quite literally. Not only are your muscles relaxed, your soul is gently stroked as well. Our massage therapist will provide just the right dose of what you need.

Choose from our wide selection of massages and experience pure relaxation. From classic treatments to aromatic oil and reflexology massages, to singing bowls, ear candles and La Stone massage - whatever your preference, each treatment here at our hotel is splendidly soothing for body and mind.

Spa Behandlungen im Hotel Crystal

Loosening, balancing, relaxing and healthy

Our massage professionals have a fine touch, literally and figuratively, when it comes to taking care of you - put yourself, quite simply, in the best of hands. Go through life more relaxed than you ever thought possible! 

Our massage offer

Vital precious stone massage

50 min. • € 55.00

Treatment time: 50 min.
Treatment price: € 55.00

A massage with precious stones is something special! Precious stones combine the benefits of a massage with the harmonizing healing power of stones. Select the stones yourself from our assortment and enjoy this first-class treatment.

Hot stone massage

50 min. | 80 min. • € 75.00 | € 105.00

Treatment time: 50 min. | 80 min.
Treatment price: € 75.00 | € 105.00

A massage with hot stones and warm oil. Harmonizing for mind, body, and spirit. This special form of massage relieves stress and inner tension. A special kind of pampering experience.

Individual massage

20 min. | 50 min. • € 38.00 | € 65.00

Treatment time: 20 min. | 50 min.
Treatment price: € 38.00 | € 65.00

Customized and unique! Powerful, intensive, and activating or gentle, harmonizing, and relaxing. Only back, legs, arms, or full body. Our therapists will cater to your wishes. Simply book an appointment and individually discuss your desired treatment with our therapists.

Intensive back massage

20 min. • € 38.00

Treatment time: 20 min.
Treatment price: € 38.00

Your back will be intensively treated with this massage, which is ideal for shoulder trouble, neck pain, or sciatica problems. For organic ailments such as digestive problems, a combination of reflex treatments is used.    

Deluxe full-body massage

70 min. • € 88.00

Treatment time: 70 min.
Treatment price: € 88.00

With this fully-body treatment, you will be pampered from head to toe with an activating and relaxing massage with high-quality massage oils. In addition, tension will be relieved, the metabolism stimulated, and lymph flow activated.

Foot reflexology massage

20 min. • € 38.00

Treatment time: 20 min.
Treatment price: € 38.00

The entire body is reflected in our feet. The stimulation of reflex points on the foot has been used to treat digestive problems, menstrual irregularities, etc. A foot reflexology massage has a detoxifying and purifying effect on the whole body. 

Kinesiology Treatments

Body/Mind Balance

50 min. • € 70.00

Treatment time: 50 min.
Treatment price: € 70.00

In a relaxed atmosphere, you will be lying on your back and your stomach while energy blockages are gently released. The meridians are lightly stroked, neurovascular contact points are held and neurolymphatic points are massaged to restore the balance between body, mind and spirit, leaving you wonderfully relaxed!

Meridian Balance

20 min. • € 35.00

Treatment time: 20 min.
Treatment price: € 35.00

Your 14 main meridians are stroked and tapped, loosening blockages and stimulating the energy flow in the body. 

Individual Balance

90 min. • € 99,00

Treatment time: 90 min.
Treatment price: € 99,00

Individual Balance aims at looking at the person from a holistic perspective. Rather than examining symptomsin isolation, kinesiology tries to find their roots. Using the muscle test (endogenous body-feedback),interactions between bodily functions and impaired mental or spiritual well-being are detected and resolved.This treatment has a beneficial effect on all kinds of disorders.

Massages that go deeper

Lomi-Lomi-Nui Loving Hands

90 min. | 60 min. • € 139.00 | € 88.00

Treatment time: 90 min. | 60 min.
Treatment price: € 139.00 | € 88.00

Lomi-Lomi-Nui is a holistic massage technique that aims not just at loosening muscles, but at addressing the person on a holistic level. The body and its needs provide the script for the massage. 

Long, flowing movements, some of them executed using the forearm, alternate with intense body work and harmonizing energy work. This physical attention and exchange, combined with warm body oil and Hawaiian sounds, helps you relax and let go on all levels of your being. 

Lomi Hapai

60 min. • € 75.00

Treatment time: 60 min.
Treatment price: € 75.00

Pregnancy massage in a side-lying position (from the 4th month of pregnancy)

Especially when a new life is growing inside you, it is vital that you as the mother feel healthy and well. As Lomi Lomi Hapai is a very gentle type of massage, it is ideal for pregnant women. The massage is performed in a side-lying position. If you prefer, you may start the massage lying on your back. 

The techniques used are mainly gentle, flowing strokes. In addition to relaxation, the main focus lies on taking pressure off the sacrum and the pelvis. 

Sound bowl treatment using tibetan bowls

€ 75,00

Duration: 50 min.
Treatment price: € 75,00

The resonance of the sound bowls touch our innermost soul and make it sing, loosening even deep-seated tensions, mobilising our self-healing properties and releasing creative energies during the rest period that follows the treatment. We recommend wearing light sportswear for this treatment.

Spinal correction treatment

90 min. • € 130,00

Treatment time: 90 min.
Treatment price: € 130,00

Differences in the lengths of the legs, misalignments of the jaw or the hips, spinal curvatures (scoliosis), slipped discs, shortened muscles or tendons, tinnitus, migraines and many other disorders are frequently resolved within seconds if they are based on a curvature of the spine. All our body's organs and meridians are linked to the spine, which is also a storage centre for information that radiates throughout the body. With this mental exercise for spinal correction, you will be able to heal deep-seated wounds and to "re-programme" your entire musculoskeletal system. The treatment is completely pain-free. Thanks to the restored free energy flow,"bottlenecks" are widened and self-healing processes are initiated effectively.