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Massage & Cosmetics Offers

Manual work of the very finest

For over three thousand years, it has rightfully been regarded as an effective form of therapy and care. For a good massage gets under your skin, quite literally.

Not only are your muscles relaxed, your soul is gently stroked as well.

Choose from our wide selection of massages and experience pure relaxation. From classic treatments to aromatic oil and reflexology massages, to singing bowls, ear candles and La Stone massage - whatever your preference, each treatment here at our hotel is splendidly soothing for body and mind.

Spa Behandlungen im Hotel Crystal

Loosening, balancing, relaxing and healthy

Our massage professionals have a fine touch, literally and figuratively, when it comes to taking care of you - put yourself, quite simply, in the best of hands. Go through life more relaxed than you ever thought possible! 

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