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Things are turning green...

We all share responsibility for the world in which we live. Especially towards our children. And so that they, too, will find a world worth living in, here at Gartenhotel Crystal we have a constant green mindset.

When we speak of sustainability, it is far less a slogan than it is a philosophy. A philosophy which is lived by our family, and passed on from generation to generation. This applies to our energy policy, for example: Our senior owner, Hermann Wetscher, was initiator of the district heating plant in Fügen back in 2001, a power plant which continues to produce clean energy to this day. At the end of the 1970s, our hotel already had heat pumps, whilst solar collectors were added later. In this way, the energy needs of our hotel are covered, with only minimal impact on natural resources.

Ecology for us is a fundamental attitude towards all aspects of our lives. When it comes to sustainability, for example, we are not just talking about energy issues. It also refers to virtually everything related to daily operations of our hotel.

Trash separation is a matter of course for us. Also with regards to individual transit, our two E-car refueling stations send a very clear message.

With respect to purchasing, we give priority to first-rate regional products. And so it is that we feature organic regional products, as well as herbs and vegetables from our own Crystal Garden. For our homemade jams and syrups, too, we use only the first-class fruit from our garden. This allows us to guarantee the very best quality from season to season. Our sausage specialties come from our in-house butcher. They are produced from the fresh meat of wild game harvested on our own hunting grounds at the Märzengrund. Also when it comes to milk and dairy products, we place our trust in local products: At Gartenhotel Crystal you only encounter high-quality products made from the milk of our region's

fleißige Bienchen im Crystal Garten
Gartenhotel Crystal in Fügen
Blütenpracht im Hotelgarten

We see it as our mission to treat nature and the environment with care, and to spare our natural resources. This philosophy will contribute to future generations being able to enjoy an intact natural world. For the youngest amongst us belong to the world of tomorrow.