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"Zillertaler Naturküche" - Zillertal Natural Cooking

Tradition and Innovation for Natural Enjoyment

Creativity follows its own paths. Often it is sparked, not by extended musings, but by a small impetus from the outside. Or as in our case, by a large one, namely one spanning exactly 4400 m². Inspired by the abundance and variety of the Crystal Garden, our head chef, Reinhard, developed his own line of cooking products. It all began with a series of syrups. Dandelion leaves, lilac petals, cowslip, roses and lavender were refined with sugar or bottled in vinegar. Then came jams, fruit cakes and vegetable specialties. Today, the magic of our garden is a common element in all the creations of our internationally experienced and renowned chef.

homemade products from Crystal garden
homemade apple strudel

With his "Zillertaler Naturküche", he has essentially succeeded in putting a square peg into a round hole. Flavor, enjoyment and digestibility aren't necessarily contradictory, something very much in keeping with his personal motto:
healthy, understated and refined

He captivates with creations that couldn't possibly be any more delicious. He is convinced that the true artistry lies in bringing out the nutritious, yet light essences of the raw ingredients. After all, eating is supposed to be a source of joy, be healthy and emanate a sense of wellbeing - which goes right to the heart of what "Zillertaler Naturküche" is all about. The focus of this line is on seasonality and regionality. Used as ingredients are products from the organic dairy in Zillertal and the dairy in Fügen, meat from local farms and game harvested on our own hunting grounds. And whenever our garden reaches the limits of its capacity, we work with fruit and vegetables from Tyrolean farmers.

Time and again, our chef reaches into his bag of tricks filled with tried-and-true recipes from the owner herself. After all, tradition is something that shouldn't be neglected either. For special requests, too, he always has an open ear. Whether gluten-, lactose- or egg-free, low-cholesterol diets or nutrition for diabetics - Martin always conjures up true treats for the taste buds.

And just for the record, our chef is more than happy to have guests peeking over his shoulder as he creates. And with a little bit of luck, he might even reveal one or two of his culinary secrets.

frische Früchte aus dem eigenen Garten