Flower-covered sunbathing lawn

A fragrance that beguiles. Strength that touches you.

With around 450 m2, our flower-covered sunbathing lawn should actually be called a fragrance meadow. Surrounded by sweet peas, roses, and lavender, you can immerse yourself in a world of olfactory temptation here. One special highlight are the seven 360° loungers. These wooden loungers swivel 360°. These are a dream come true for every sunworshipper, since you can ensure that you are always facing the sun! 

It is an exceptionally beautiful little piece of land with a wonderful, unobstructed view that overlooks a large field. The view into the valley is especially fantastic in the morning. While the world all around is still asleep and everything in nature is slowly waking, you can enjoy the wonderful sunset over the Hamberg. This is a place of power that you can truly feel, and it is a magnificent spot to meditate.

Mina’s rose garden would have probably inspired Goethe himself ...

The rose was Goethe’s favorite flower. He dedicated many of his poems to it. This prince among poets would have probably fallen deeply in love with Mina’s rose garden. She grows her wonderful roses with much dedication and care. This garden is a commitment to and affirmation of a certain lifestyle revolving around a love of all things beautiful. Colors, scents, and variety stimulate the imagination and arouse emotions. Tranquil and introspective in the truest and most beautiful sense of the word.