Begehbare Dachgärten

Green oasis at lofty heights

From the rooftop garden, you have an indescribably beautiful view of the Crystal garden all to the way into the Zillertal valley. Our rooftop garden stretches out over 3 levels with a total of 275 m2. The garden is accessible via the atrium spa across from the panoramic sauna. And our commitment to a green concept can be seen everywhere: along the entire rooftop garden railing, the flowers serve as a bee sanctuary. Even on the restraurant roof! It serves as an exclusive bee idyll, especially since it is not accessible. All in all, the bees have a true paradise of around 300 m2 of planted rooftop surface.

aus den Dachgärten

275 m² begehbare Fläche auf unseren Dächern

wunderbarer Ausblick auf in das Zillertal

Blumenbepflanzung als Bienenschutzgebiet

insgesamt 300 m² bepflanzte Dachfläche für Bienen

Dachgärten auf 3 Etagen

Barfußweg mit 8 Stationen

1st and 2nd levels of the rooftop garden

Experience nature up-close. A real special treat for bare feet! Far too rarely do people go barefoot. That can be changed: the barefoot path with 8 different areas and a Kneipp basin in the middle is located on the 1st level. The gardens on the 2nd level are especially popular for yoga. Of course, all 3 levels are an ideal relaxation zone between sauna sessions. How about a cup of tea and a small sauna snack? Enjoy a nice, relaxed stroll in your bathrobe.  

A little closer to heaven – the 3rd level

With your head almost in the clouds, it is easy to enjoy the special places of strength and relaxation in our rooftop garden. Take a seat on the highest point of the Crystal atrium spa in one of the numerous comfortable loungers or in our two 360° loungers. From up here you have a panoramic view of the entire Crystal garden.