over 100 wines from all around the world

Plutarch knew that wine was the most useful of all beverages, the tastiest of all medications, and the most pleasant of all foods. And though the taste of "grape juice" may have changed somewhat since Plutarch's time, one thing has remained the same: Just as a delicious dish is a composition of carefully selected ingredients, creativity and loving preparation, a fine wine is the result of exceptional grapes, high levels of professionalism in the vineyards and lots of creativity in the cellars.

Wine is not only an undisputed part of our culture. It also adds the perfect finishing touch to a wonderful dish, able to turn mere enjoyment into a heavenly delight. Which explains why, here at Gartenhotel Crystal, we place such a major focus on our wine cellar. Stored here are over 100 wines from around the world. Just one glance at the wine list – and you are certain to be enthralled.

True to the motto "Water is silver, wine is gold", we extend a sincere invitation to you: Allow us to initiate you into the secrets of liquid gold. Our certified sommelier, Peter, and our head waiter, Michael, look forward to introducing you to the magic of the grape during one of our wine tastings.