Vacation month September

From A like Almabtrieb to Z like Zilli - Traditional highlights in September

I can hardly wait for it. Only a few more days, and I will see my dear Zilli again when she returns from her summer retreat. I was present at her birth and I immediately fell in love with her. Standing on her own right away, curious, and indescribably sweet. Whenever possible, I would visit her, and she would just grow bigger and bigger. She has grown up truly magnificently. We have never been separated as long as we have now, since Zilli was on the Hochleger in the summer. 

Cattle drive in the Zillertal

At the end of September, the cows return. Since we are all excited that the animals are once again back in the valley and healthy after a beautiful mountain summer, the traditional cattle drive usually is a proper festival. I will be waiting for Zilli in the village square in Fügen.

Fruit harvest in the Crystal garden

Mina's home recipe: plum dumplings

Our guests always say that Mina's plum dumplings remind them of their own childhood. It's no wonder, because she prepares her dumplings according to an old home recipe. This sweet temptation does indeed have a considerable addictive potential. Fluffy on the outside, deliciously fruity on the inside. This is certainly something to swoon over.

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Whether sprinkled with powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar or with stewed elderberries, vanilla sauce, or plain – Mina's plum dumplings are simply a dream. I could eat this heavenly treat all day long! Thank goodness you can freeze them, because even 30 dumplings a day can cause weight problems for a garden fairy...

Now I must quickly return to harvesting. Inspection and tasting!
Fruity greetings from your garden fairy at the Crystal.