Vacation month June

Mountains & valleys, kitchen & cellar – June is a month of diverse pleasures

Most people love May. It is called the merry month of May for obviously good reasons. If you ask me, I must admit that I am an adamant fan of June. It is not usually as hot in June as in midsummer.

It is the perfect weather for hiking and biking. The Zillertal is also known for its natural diversity: over 800 km of mountain bike routes between elevations of 500 and 2,300 m as well as seemingly endless opportunities for bike tours. You can cycle on mostly flat paths through the valley and enjoy the surrounding mountain scenery with its 3,500 m high summits. The bike path from Strass to Mayrhofen alone is 31 km long and wonderfully developed.

Mountain hut tips

There are around 1,000 km of hiking paths and over 150 huts, hill farms, and mountain inns. It's almost impossible to choose! A few mountain hut tips from our locals can be very helpful: ­­­­

Geolsalm in Fügen

The small, rustic hut is located right on the Speiljoch loop trail and is known for its first-class regional cuisine. The homemade pressed dumplings are especially delicious on the cozy sunny terrace. 

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Schellenbergalm in Fügen

Surrounded by forest and meadows is the rustic snack station on the path to Hochfügen. Awaiting you here is hearty Tyrolean cuisine. A special insider's tip is the excellent schnitzel.

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Alpengasthof Loas in Hochfügen/Kaltenbach

Enjoy the wonderful scenery of the Inntal and Karwendel mountain range when stopping for refreshments at Alpengasthof Loas at an elevation of 1,645 m. Along with numerous homemade specialties, it is also famous for its sensational "Loas schnitzel".

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Rustic, cozy, and spacious - the Rastkogelhütte is also a hot tip for lunch with groups. 

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Astenau Alpe

The perfect hiking excursion destination is located in the beautiful Rofan mountains. After a drive of around 20 min., you will reach the hut with a leisurely ca. 1.5 hour hike.

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Berliner Hütte

Built in 1878, the impressive Berliner Hütte at an elevation of over 2,000 m is now protected as a historical monument. Surrounded by several 3,000 m high summits, you can enjoy one of the delicious menus in the large, wood-paneled dining rooms. 

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The time of the alpenrose blossoms

June has two exceptional spectacles to offer, one of which is of natural origin: the time of the alpenrose blossoms, which transforms the entire mountainside into a vibrant sea of pink flowers. It is also called a rhododendron. The sheer dimensions of the sea of flowers will simply intoxicate you and make you drunk with delight at seeing this spectacular sight. Hiking through an alpenrose field when they are blooming is an unforgettable experience.

This spectacle is impressive and a little mystical. It's understandable that the alpenrose has always inspired people. Songs have been written about it, it is found in poems, and there are many myths about it. For example, the red alpenrose is said to attract thunder and lightening, which has given it its nickname "thunder flower". If you find a white alpenrose, I advise you to dig. If you believe an old superstition, the rare white alpenrose indicates a vein of gold. You never know...

Summer solstice on June 21

The second spectacle that makes June so unique is the deeply rooted tradition in the valleys of Tyrol - the shortest night and longest day - the summer solstice. At this time, you can welcome summer in a special way. On the evening before, people climb the mountains and prepare everything for the big festival. The following night, the summer solstice fires are lit. The image that this creates is spectacular! While the mountains are aflame, the countless fires illuminate the night. This is something you simply have to see...

The time of the elderberry blossoms

There is another special feature in June. You will immediately recognize it by its unmistakable smell. Herbaceous-spicy, honey-like, and sweet. When the snow-white flowers exude their fine fragrance, it is time for the blooming of the elderberry. This bush is surrounded by many myths and legends. For the Celts, it was the bush of the queen. In addition, people were convinced that good spirits lived under the elderberry. Truth or legend? Who can say? The one thing I can say with certainty is that I love elderberry blossoms. I love their smell, and I love them baked in batter or as a jelly or syrup. 

Our elderberry blossom menu

Depending on the month, the flowers can be found in special variations on our menu:

Salads from the buffet with homemade vinegars and herbal oils 
Marinated chicken breast with asparagus vinaigrette 
Creamy soup with croutons
I Fricassee of veal with homemade lemon noodles and glazed vegetables
II grilled pork tenderloin in a creamy pepper sauce with potato strudel and tomatoes au gratin
III mushroom risotto with Parmesan shavings
White elderberry blossom-chocolate mousse with cherries
Tyrolean cheese specialties with homemade savory jams

With the appetizer, our sommelier recommends:

Weißburgunder "Steirische Klassik" 2014

Weingut Tement, Berghausen, Southern Styria

The multifaceted wine from the Sauvignon Blanc vineyards impresses with its deep flavor. Ripe pears, aromatic elderberry, and cassis characterize the fresh, fruity notes.

With the main meal:

Tetuna 2012

Weingut Goldenits, Tadten, Neusiedlersee 
Dark ruby red with violet reflexes and a subtle lightness on the edges describes the cuvée of the award-winning winery. Blackberry confit, cherry, and fine orange zest are paired with a subtle wood spice. With its velvety tannins and pleasant sweetness, this wine is elegant and harmoniously smooth. 

With dessert:

Zierfandler Trockenbeerenauslese 2009

Weingut Gregor Schup, Guntramsdorf, Thermenregion 
Golden in color, this award-winning sweet wine delights with smoky, roasted aromas. Its intense, exotic notes as well as lively acidity compliment the fine accents of the dessert and provide a special kind of treat for the taste buds.

Before the elderberry blossoms from the Crystal garden are picked by
Mina are prepared into a delicious syrup, I'll get one last whiff. They smell so good...

The garden fairy from the Crystal sends you fragrant greetings.