Vacation month december

The motto of December: Festivals. Celebrations. Joy.

The garden now rests and gathers strength for the new season, and nature appears to support it. During my morning round, I was a bit surprised. It had snowed overnight. Everything is covered by what looks like a thick, white blanket of cotton. It's as though Mother Nature is spreading a protective blanket over the garden. The sounds are muted. It is a magical quiet. Even the assembly of the nativity scene does not disturb it. The wonderful nativity scene by famous Tyrolean artist Carl Felder has been a part of our holiday season for many years.

Silent Night, Holy Night

Christmas is a celebration of love and a celebration of family. The people of the Zillertal uphold this tradition: eating together with loved ones, exchange of presents, and going to Holy Mass together. Of course, traditional Christmas songs are also sung, for example "Silent Night, Holy Night". Did you know that this world-famous Christmas classic was spread from the Zillertal? It was the Rainer and Strasser singing dynasties who brought this beautiful song from Fügen to Europe and the entire world.

Christmas at Gartenhotel Crystal

Yes, Christmas is of great importance to us. And so that you, our guests, can also enjoy this festive time, we have put together a special Christmas program: 

Saturday, 22.12.2018:
Cozy get-together in the Rainerstube 
Get in a festive mood together with cookies, mulled wine, and Christmas songs. Stefanie will inform you about the holiday program and accept your registration in advance.  

Our tip for the afternoon: 
At 4:00 pm, the Christmas market in the Fügen village square with a parade at 5:00 pm

Sunday, 23.12.2018:
Group visit to the special exhibit "Silent Night and the Sound of the Alps"
This exciting and creative exhibit focuses on the song "Silent Night" in the Baroque Fügen Castle and in the museum of local history in the Widumspfiste. Did you know that the song "Silent Night", which is sung around the world, had its beginnings in Fügen? 

Monday, 24.12.2018: 
Christmas evening with the Wetscher family

At 5:15 pm, we will get in the Christmas mood with Christmas punch in the Crystal garden. At ca. 5:45 pm, the Wetscher family and the "Crystal family" invite you to the handing out of presents. Does Father Christmas have a special surprise for you? Under the Christmas tree, we will sing traditional Christmas songs, and afterwards, the Christmas gala dinner awaits you.  
Our tip for the evening: 
Attend Christmas Mass at the Fügen parish church at 11:30 pm.  

Tuesday, 25.12.2018:
Leisurely winter walk with a visit to the church and nativity scene
At 1:00 pm, Stefanie will walk with you to the Pilgrimage Church of St. Pancras. Your hike will then lead you to the Fügen parish church. At both churches, you can visit the special nativity scene. 

Wednesday, 26.12.2018:
Our tip for the morning: 
As the perfect end to your vacation, we recommend a yoga session at 8:30 am with Carola.

In the Christmas bakery

In the kitchen, we have already been baking and baking for days, and there is a wonderful scent of Christmas everywhere in the air. It smells of nuts, cinnamon, oranges, and cookies. Do you want your kitchen to smell like Christmas too? Mina has a traditional home recipe for tea cookies. Even if the recipe makes only a small amount, I recommend you make double. The jam-filled tea cookies are pure poetry. I can't get enough of them. There are also the perfect present for pre-Christmas visits. 

Mina's home recipe: jam-filled tea cookies

Download recipe

Christmas Mass

Garden fairies aren't so well-known for their singing, or rather not at all. However, we like to listen to singing very much. The atmosphere at Christmas Mass is a special experience. Of course, I will be there again this year. Even though I don't sing, you might still sense that I'm there. If you hear a light chiming of the bells, it was probably me. At Christmas, garden fairies are also responsible for the bells...

New Year's Eve & Day

The quiet days after Christmas are perfect for relaxing. How about a leisurely snowshoe hike or perhaps a relaxing treatment in our spa? Or even both? In winter, Gartenhotel Crystal offers almost unlimited opportunities for relaxation. I love the spa, because I am crazy about the aromatic fragrance of the different oils. This alone is pure relaxation for me! Not to mention the calming music and sensational treatments. After only a few days, you will feel reborn and perfectly recharged so that you can experience the New Year's Eve train on December 31. Bid farewell to the last days of the year on the nostalgically decorated Zillertalbahn. During the ride from Jenbach to Mayrhofen, both Zillertal delicacies and music are wonderful travel companions.

Awaiting you in the evening is an exclusive New Year's Eve dinner. I don't want to give away too many details, but I can say: our hotel director Peter serves the perfect wine with each course, and this includes fine wines such as "Sauvignon blanc" 2011 (Heaven's Door) and "Morillon" 2012 (November Rain). With 7 courses of the finest creations, the time until midnight will fly by. After welcoming the New Year with sparkling wine or Champagne, you can enjoy the fireworks, which take place right next to our hotel on the practice field of the Spieljoch lift. You will have front-row seats. Start the year off right with this unforgettable spectacle!

There are still a few more days until Christmas and New Years' Eve. This is the perfect time to get in a festive, holiday mood don't you think? 

Holiday greetings from your garden fairy at the Crystal