Culinary world

Sit down to the abundance of Mother Nature

American author Scott Cunningham saw food as magic, its power over us beyond any kind of doubt. This holds true especially when it is prepared with herbs, flowers and fruit from your own garden. Whatever seasonal delicacies our abundant Crystal Garden may produce, our head chef, Reinhard, is able to transform into wonderful specialties. Sparkling elderberry wine, lilac syrup, fried zucchini blossoms, borage, geraniums, marigold, violets and more, all belong to the standard repertoire of his natural Zillertal cuisine.

He is of the opinion that flowers give chefs the opportunity to develop their creativity, and to experiment with flavor directions and raw ingredients, very much in keeping with the fresh dishes of modern, light cuisine.

modern, light, & delicious Zillertal natural cuisine

fresh herbs, flowers, vegetables, & fruit from the Crystal garden

homemade delicacies such as syrups, vinegars, oils, chutneys, honey, etc.

food of the highest quality from regional suppliers (farmers, butchers, dairies, etc. from Fügen and the surroundings)

meat from our own hunting in the "Märzengrund"

once a week: diverse theme buffet

individual preferences: we will happily cater to requests & food intolerances

exquisite 5-course menu of your choice for a wonderful end to the day

Crystal wine cellar with wine from all over the world

eat in the green & under the stars at the sun terrace in summer

Our current delight offers for you