At our 4*S hotel, the garden plays a central role - Gartenhotel Crystal

Comfort and Joy

The Crystal Garden – an airy refuge

The Crystal Garden is the heart and soul of our house. Though of course, with its 4.400 m², it is not just a garden. Far more it is the stage for a play, one in which Mother Nature plays a leading role. Welcome to a refuge filled with sensory impressions for the eyes, nose and palate. Be there as a spectator to an interplay of light and shade amid the green of ivy, the gnarled beech tree and the dark satin of fir trees.

Crystal garden

  • over 4,400 m2 of nature in its most beautiful form 
  • solar-heated Green Pool filled with 
    refreshing Zillertal mountain spring water 
  • oasis of loungers on various levels
  • gorgeous spectacle in all seasons

  • loungers in the sunbathing area with panoramic view
  • a true delight for eyes, taste buds, & ears: fragrant herb garden as well as large fruit and berry garden 
  • rustic mountain hut for seminars, small parties, & herb workshops for our guests 

Enjoy a special awareness of life, freer and more inspiring: For here in the Crystal Garden, the borders are fluid, or more precisely, non-existent. Our garden transitions seamlessly into a big natural meadow. Awaiting you there are spacious sunbathing oases on different levels, nestled in a fragrant sea of flowers. If you prefer things a little more secluded, our ivy arbor becomes a green, open-air room.

Do you love red currants, raspberries, apples, gooseberries or grapes? Aside from our herb garden, we also have an extended berry and fruit orchard. As you see, this variety is not only a delight for the eyes.

We invite you to pluck your own fruit whenever you please. After all, our garden is also a treat for the taste buds!

beschaulich und beruhigende Plätze im Garten

The rose was Goethe's favorite flower. In fact, he dedicated many poems to it. This prince of poets would probably have raved over our rose garden. With boundless devotion and care, it is here that your hostess raises her wonderful roses. This garden is affirmation of a special view of life, reflective of a love for all that is beautiful, for colors, fragrances and variety, stimulating the imagination and awakening dormant feelings.

If you find tranquility a source of strength, then our Crystal Mountain Hut awaits you. The wood of this over 250 years old hut breathes centuries of history and is indescribably soothing. A place where it couldn't be easier to leave the hectic hustle and bustle of the daily grind far behind.

Gartenhotel Crystal
Die Crystal Hütte

In our Crystal log cabin, you will be able to unwind splendidly. Though it is also a good place to hold small celebrations. Perhaps after your win in a game of bocce on our own bocce court. Or perhaps you want nothing more than to enjoy the magic of nature and celebrate the here and now.

In winter, too, our garden plays a central role: The ski slope begins right outside our front door, an ideal practice hill for beginners. And you are certain to be amazed by our life-size nativity scene at the Crystal log cabin, too. This one-of-a-kind piece of hand-carving is being created from hazel-tree branches by Tyrolean artists. And on New Year's Eve, you will get to experience our legendary Glühwein (hot spiced wine) party.