Yoga & Health

Mind, Body and Soul in Harmony

 Thanks to the evident positive effects on physical and mental health, this Indian teaching enjoys immense popularity even in our part of the world. Experience the soothing, beneficial effect of yoga in the relaxing surroundings of the atrium spa.  
Für spirituelle Treffen ist auch Guruji Shri Pankaj Kumar Divedi aus Indien zu Besuch regelmäßig im Gartenhotel und hilft auf eine ganz einfache und ehrliche Art, allen Interessierten zurück zur eigenen Natur zu finden.

Yoga: gentle power against stress

Our yoga instructor Carola has devoted herself to Hatha yoga, but she also incorporates elements from other styles of yoga that are based on physical, breathing, and relaxation exercises. The harmony of breathing and movement relieves stress, dissolves blockages, and brings inner tranquility. With professional guidance, you will find peace within yourself,  get your energy flowing, and recharge your batteries for the everyday. Whether a beginner, advanced learner, or pro - Carola adapts to the individual participants. This is a wonderful path to peace and strength - let go and enjoy!

Yoga for non-hotel guests

As a guest at Hotel Crystal, yoga is included in the active program. Non-hotel guests are also welcome to participate. Our team at the reception desk is is happy to help with registration and provide more information.  
€ 16 per session (90 minutes) - (10-sessions-card: € 140,-)

Yoga-appointments at the Gartenhotel Crystal

The current dates are available at the reception or in the
» Gartenhotel Crystal Guestnet.

Spiritual encounter with Guruji Shri Pankaj Kumar Divedi

Satsang & meditation

In Satsangs, like-minded people come together to listen, feel, ask questions, meditate, and let go. Shri Pankaj Kumar Divedi speaks about his spiritual journey, discusses questions, and gives answers. In simple ways, he explains how it is possible to live a positive and happy life and find one's true nature. He speaks about devotion, unconditional love, mindful living in the moment, and letting go of ego and thus freeing oneself. 


Pranayama is the conscious and deliberate control of breathing. Yogic breathing exercises with Guruji will help you to find your natural breath again. With the aid of breathing exercises, you can learn to reactivate and stimulate your life energy. 

Astrologer and palm reader, healer and spiritual master, teacher and friend

Shri Pankaj Kumar Divedi, who grew up in Delhi, was taught astrology and yoga by his parents at a young age. His father shared the secrets of Indian philosophy and the wonders of life with him. For more than 300 years, his family has supported and helped people on their journey to their true self. His wish is to accompany and support as many people as possible on their spiritual path. For this reason, he opens his doors and welcomes everyone. You are invited to experience his wonderful energy for yourself whether in Satsang or with Pranayama!

Videos from Guruji Shri Pankaj Kumar Divedi