Our Green Pool

bathing in its purest form

"Aqua" was the name given to it by the Romans. And they valued it so much, they almost developed a whole separate culture surrounding it. No wonder, since this element is more refreshing and more invigorating than anything else, the primal source of all life. Pure relaxation. Not just on hot days. Splendidly soothing for body and mind. And so that you, too, can indulge yourself in the delights of bathing, we are proud to offer you a very special oasis of wellbeing.

Green Pool: Natural Bathing Enjoyment in the Crystal Garden

Our some 4,400 m². Crystal Garden has added one more jewel, in the form of our organic pool. Harmoniously integrated into the natural setting, this organic swimming pond captivates through its exquisite aesthetic. Responsible for the design was our architect, Wolfgang Pöschl. A master of his art, indeed, who has yet again gone above and beyond.

The new Green Pool is a not inconsiderable 20 metres in length, with the water spanning 130 m². Vertical walls mean that it is absolutely safe to dive into those pure wet waters. Aside from the aesthetics of the project, ecological aspects also played a major role. A separate relaxation pool with 41 m² invites you to relax.

Our Green Pool is filled with crystal-clear Zillertal water, and revitalized using "Grander" technology. And no chemicals are used to treat the water: In the regeneration zone, plants provide complete, eco-friendly water purification. The sunny wood and grass relaxation areas beneath the trees provide a seamless accompaniment to the pool. At the new Crystal Green Pool, you are about to experience bathing enjoyment in its purest form!

Wellness in the countryside

sun heated Greenpool with 20 x 6 meters bathing fun

Dreamlike sunbathing oases and individual well being places

Pick the best fruits in the orchard

enjoy the fresh fragrances in the Crystal herb garden

Soothing spa treatments under the open sky or in the garden hut

homemade herbal tea from the Crystal Garden

Saltwater pool

The panoramic pool invites you to take a refreshing dip in saltwater. Enjoy a pleasant water temperature of around 32 °C with a relaxing atmosphere and view of the Zillertal mountains. The salt has a positive effect on the whole body. Along with healing and moisturizing effects, a 30-min. stay in the pool also has a detoxifying effect.

Indoor pool

In our Crystal Spa on the ground floor, you will find our indoor pool and family steam bath, where children under 18 years old are welcome. The 10 x 8 m pool with a depth of 1.45 m offers water fun for the whole family. In the warm, 29° water, you can relax all muscles after a sporty day on the Speiljoch or on the Zillertal bike path. With direct access, you can reach our 4,400 m² garden, where numerous lounge chairs in the shade or in the sun invite you to enjoy a relaxing rest. The indoor pool can also be reached by elevator.  

The indoor pool is open daily from 7 am to 8:30 pm.  

Frequently asked questions about our pools

Question: What makes the green pool so special?

Answer: It is filled with Zillertal water that has been revitalized by Grander technology and does not contain chemicals. Plants are responsible for the environmentally-friendly purification process.

Question: Where is the green pool located?

Answer: It is located in the 4,400 m² garden surrounded by sunny wood and grass relaxation areas and shady areas under the trees.

Question: Where is the outdoor saltwater pool located and what makes it special?

Answer: It is located on the 1st floor in the atrium Spa and offers a panoramic view of the Zillertal mountains. The saltwater has a positive effect on health.

Question: Where is the indoor pool located?

Answer: The indoor pool is located in the Crystal Spa and is also accessible to children.

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