Crystal Spa

wellness & spa

It is more refreshing and invigorating than anything else. You can experience this invigorating effect of water for yourself in our Crystal spa. Welcome to a magical place that glistens like a string of pearls of light. One highlight is the large indoor pool with lit grotto and waterfall. Or you can relax in the hot tub and enjoy the sensation of the massage jets.

In the Crystal spa, you can experience a special kind of bathing enjoyment with guaranteed relaxation. The sauna facility is also diverse. No matter which form of sweating you choose, you can look forward to unforgettable sauna pleasure with all the senses.

Ground plans of our wellness area

Ground plan wellness area ground floor
Ground plan wellness area

Crystal Spa

wellness zone for adults with saunas & steam bath

recreation & quiet in the pine relaxation room

sauna rituals & peels with herbs from the Crystal garden

indoor pool also for our little guests

with family steam bath & kiddie pool

deep relaxation in the aqua meditation room

Water is a wellspring. Water is life.

What is awaiting you?

Aqua meditation room: a very special kind of heaven of peace

Enjoy deep relaxation that pampers many different senses. Surrounded by only soft materials, a soothing harmony is palpable. A room temperature of 30°C allows you to stay as long as you like - a fundamental requirement for a deep relaxation process!

The harmoniously coordinated color scheme of the water columns can be perceived even with eyes closed. The natural sounds of water provide the acoustic setting as well as soothing relaxation music. The aqua meditation room offers an ideal, harmonious setting, where you can truly relax.

Regeneration and relaxation room

Of course, our sauna facility has a cold water pool and Kneipp pool. After a revitalizing sweating session, numerous heated loungers invite you to relax. In the pine relaxation room, it's also easy to unwind. The pine creates visually stunning accents with distinctive architectural elements and provides the ideal environment for peace and quiet. It has a calming effect on the heart and gives strength and vitality.

Finnish sauna and steam bath

The Finnish sauna awaits fans of traditional saunas. At 94°C it activates the circulation and detoxifies the organism. Alternating foot baths before and after the sauna increase the effect. In the textile-free steam bath with brine atomizer, atomized sea salts clean and strengthen the respiratory tract. Due to the temperature of 45°C, the circulation is hardly stressed. At the same time, a sweating treatment in the steam bath will make your skin soft and detoxified.

Aroma grotto and amethyst fountain

The aroma grotto activates your body energies with light therapy. Wrapped in a wonderful world of fragrances, you can relax at a pleasant 50°C. The healing effect of amethyst unfolds in the amethyst fountain. Its violet shimmer and vibrations ensure restful sleep, dispel fears and help with nervousness.

Birch forest

Discover our birch forest in the Crystal spa and enjoy the twittering of the birds.

Frequently asked questions about our Crystal Spa

Question: To whom is the Crystal Spa accessible?

Answer: We ask for your understanding in that only the indoor pool with family steam bath is accessible to children. In the sauna, steam bath, aroma grotto, relaxation room, and aqua meditation room, children under 18 years old are not allowed.