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Treatments and beauty offer

Here you can find all treatments that you can book and enjoy at the Gartenhotel Crystal:

Massages: Manual work of the very finest

For over three thousand years, it has rightfully been regarded as an effective form of therapy and care. For a good massage gets under your skin, quite literally. Not only are your muscles relaxed, your soul is gently stroked as well. Our massage therapist will provide just the right dose of what you need. Choose from our wide selection of massages and experience pure relaxation. From classic treatments to aromatic oil and reflexology massages, to singing bowls, ear candles and La Stone massage - whatever your preference, each treatment here at our hotel is splendidly soothing for body and mind.

Loosening, balancing, relaxing and healthy

Our massage professionals have a fine touch, literally and figuratively, when it comes to taking care of you - put yourself, quite simply, in the best of hands. Go through life more relaxed than you ever thought possible! 

Choose from our treatment offers

Massages Classic

Partial-body massage

20 min. | € 49.00

Your choice of back, leg, or head/neck massage.

Back massage

50 min. | € 79.00

The muscles will be relaxed and tension and adhesions in the tissue dissolved. 

Full-body massage

50 min. or 75 min. | € 79.00 or € 115.00

The muscles in the entire body will be relaxed and better supplied with blood. 

Sports massage with "Tiroler Steinöl" skin tonic

50 min. | € 80.00

A sports massage alleviates muscle pain, muscle cramps, and tension that can arise from sports. Whether as a massage or after sports - with the proper stretching movements and grips as well as the application of Tiroler Steinöl, a skin tonic made from shale oil, your body will be returned to its fit condition. Your professional therapist will help your muscles gently relax with this sports massage.

For each treatment, € 2.00 will be donated to the non-profit organization "Zillertaler helfen Zillertalern".

Massage mix

50 min. | € 79.00

This treatment begins with a foot reflexology massage with Vinoble foot cream. An individual classic back massage concludes the treatment. It is a healthy combination of relaxation and positive stimulation. 

Special Treatment-Offers

Foot reflexology massage

20 min. | € 49.00

Stimulating organs via pressure points on the feet - the is the principle of the foot reflexology massage. The goal of such a reflex zone treatment is to dissolve blockages and bring balance back to the entire system with deep relaxation. This treatment starts with a soothing hot compress while warm oil is applied to the feet. Afterwards, you can again enjoy a hot compress.  

Facial lymph drainage according to Dr. Vodder

20 min. | € 49.00

Manual lymph drainage is especially recommended for headaches, migraines, allergies, acne, rosacea, accumulation of fluid (for ex. bags under the eyes and swelling in the eye and neck area as well as the entire face), and various skin irritations. When performed regularly, this treatment can effectively reduce accumulation of fluid and vastly improve skin quality. 

Manual lymph drainage according to Dr. Vodder

50 min. | € 79.00

Your choice of legs, arms, back, chest, or stomach. This treatment consists of a pleasantly gentle massage, which stimulates lymph circulation leading to intense detoxification. Swelling and blockages can be reduced and dissolved. 

Ear candling treatment

20 min. | € 45.00

The origins of the ear candling treatment go back to the steppe people of Siberia, the Asian region, as well as the Indians of North and South America. The ear candles are especially beneficial for sinus problems, headaches and migraines, colds and bronchitis, as well as insomnia. This treatment also helps with allergies (grasses, pollen, hay fever).

Ear candling treatment with head-neck massage

50 min. | € 79.00

... has a relaxing effect.

Massages that go deeper

La Stone therapy

75 min. or 50 min. incl. resting time | € 135.00 or € 95.00

A soothing full-body massage with warm Vinoble aromatic grape seed massage oils and hot basalt stones. The entire body will be brought into balance and lost energy replenished.

Herbal stamp massage

75 min. or 50 min. incl. resting time | € 135.00 or € 95.00

With the herbal stamp massage, metabolism is stimulated, and the detoxification process of the whole body begins. The heat treatment opens up the pores of the skin, and the active ingredients in the herbs can penetrate deep into the tissues and take effect there. Energy blockages will be dissolved, and the body's self-healing power will be activated.

Energetic treatments

Singing bowl treatment with Tibetan bowls

50 min. | € 89.00

The sound of the singing bowls calms our innermost being and reenergizes our soul with its vibrations. The sound dissolves deeply ingrained tension, which mobilizes the self-healing process and releases creative energy during the relaxation time. You can wear light sports clothing for this treatment. 

Dorn-Breuss treatment

80 min. | € 135.00

Dorn-Breuss treatment

Beauty treatments: Vinoble cosmetics - refining natural goodness

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say. However, it does not necessarily have anything to do with ideal measurements and perfection. It has more to do with attitude, knowing yourself, feeling good, and expressing it. Beauty has to do with radiance and inner balance - a balance that everyone can find with a spa visit, because in the Crystal atrium spa, we use the high-quality products of Vinoble cosmetics.

Lean back, relax, and enjoy

English dermatologist Anne Maguire once said that the skin is like a cat. It doesn't need much, only a little love, tenderness, and the right nourishment, but watch out if one is missing. Then, the cuddly cat will turn into a hissing tiger that scratches, bites, and only causes stress. So that you can show off your skin at its best, our beauty team offers an array of soothing, nourishing beauty applications.

Exclusive spa treatments with Vinoble Cosmetics

The valuable Vinoble Cosmetics care products with their sensuous scents of grapes and vines are based on anti-aging active ingredients from plants, which Vinoble Cosmetics extracts in careful processes from local, powerful grapevines. The exclusive wine cosmetics are highly effective and make every spa visit a well-deserved time-out - a regenerative phase of pure relaxation. 

Vinoble Face

Those who have little time know to treasure the small moments of peace and quiet. You choose how much time you would like to give yourself today. With our treatments, we dedicate ourselves to the needs of your skin. Our goal is 'skin happiness'. That's what we call it when the skin is healthy, feels good, and looks fresh. The secret to this can be found in nature and in our vegan plant products. 

Vinoble Body

Hidden deep within us is the need to be closer to nature. Being connected to nature means being in balance. It helps us to find strength and energy that we have lost. With our multiple award-winning treatments and rituals, you will be able to feel this connection. Connect to nature.   

Care ritual

25 min. | € 49.00

Ritual | cleansing | full-body cream and oil care massage

Anti-stress treatment

50 min. | € 85.00

Ritual | back, head, neck massage | hand and foot massage 

Full-body peel & massage

75 min. | € 115.00

Ritual | full-body massage | full-body peel


Red grape bath

20 min. | € 45.00

An exquisite composition of grape seed extract, rose blossom water, aloe vera, red vine leaf, and oak bark makes this bath a unique experience. 

Tiroler Steinöl bath

20 min. | € 45.00

A bath of peace and relaxation for the support of an overworked musculoskeletal system. The high amount of organically bound sulfur has a beneficial effect on muscles and joints. After the bath, Tiroler Steinöl will be applied to the body as a skin tonic. The tonic is invigorating and tension-relieving. Especially soothing and refreshing for sore muscles. 

Alkaline bath

20 min. | € 45.00

Do something good for your skin: this bath cleans deep in the pores, moisturizes, and promotes blood flow. An alkaline bath leads to relaxation for mind, body, and soul. Muscle, joint, and abdominal pain will dissipate. The bath may prevent cellulite or lessen it, and tension will dissolve faster. Alkaline baths have been renowned for their healing effects for centuries. 


Vinoble grapeseed body scrub

25 min. | € 49,00

dehydrating, tightening;
Ingredients: sea salt, grape seed and Vinoble grapeseed oil

Paraffin treatment

Paraffin "single"

20 min. | € 49.00

Hands or feet