atrium Spa

Wellness in an increased form

The pleasant effects of the treatment linger, and the subtle aroma of fresh wood casts a spell over you here in the tree atrium relaxation oasis and throughout the atrium spa. Take in deep relaxing breaths. A gentle breeze wafts through your personal island of calm and relaxation. While you enjoy a sip of refreshing herbal tea, let your gaze wander over the magnificent atrium trees, whose leaves dance in the wind. The large glass windows provide an unobstructed panorama of the lovely Crystal garden. How beautiful life can be…

Ground plans of our wellness area

Ground plan wellness area ground floor
Ground plan wellness area

Wellness in an increased form on 2 floors with views of the mountains

massages & cosmetics in a special atmosphere

The aroma of wood is in the air"- natural wooden structure on 2 floors

heated outdoor saltwater pool

accessible rooftop gardens with a view of the Crystal garden

only for adults

The new atrium spa is not a conventional wellness area. Rather, it is a wellness landscape extended over 2 floors. A wellness temple where you can simply feel good. Built of wood, it is harmoniously nestled in the Zillertal mountains. Large glass windows provide a view of the great outdoors. In nature, connected to nature, authentic. It is a modern statement that also includes tried and true tradition full of enjoyment and relaxation.

Whether you are coming from the Crystal garden or directly from the Crystal spa, you can feel the special atmosphere of the new atrium spa as soon as you arrive. Perhaps it is the tree atrium, many the wonderful aroma of wood, or even our charming spa team - it is probably a mixture of all these factors that make our atrium spa such an exceptional temple of wellness. 

What is awaiting you?

Massages & cosmetics

Plenty of room is dedicated to this theme in the atrium spa. We have 4 treatments rooms for soothing massages and pampering beauty treatments. Couple's massages and relaxing baths are also possible. For peace and quiet after a treatment, we also have a relaxation room - with a direct view of the garden.

Working out & fitness

Only half a floor above is the fitness area - spacious and flooded with natural light. Cardio equipment such as a treadmill, cross trainer, and bike are available on 2 floors. For strength training, a WaterGrinder upper body trainer, swing weights, and SlimBeam offer the best training conditions. Very stylish, very effective!

Tree atrium & tea bar

Another half floor above is the relaxation area. Here, you will find our tea bar with a selection of freshly prepared herbal teas. The herbs come from our Crystal garden and are mixed according to the traditional recipes of our senior manager. With a cup of fresh tea, you can truly unwind in the tree atrium relaxation oasis. Delicate panels of fabric provide a feeling of privacy.

Panoramic sauna & bio sauna

The no-clothing area in the atrium spa begins on the 2nd level. Awaiting you along with a sensational panoramic sauna is also a bio sauna, 2 showers, and a relaxation area with wonderfully comfortable rocking chairs.

Nature, aesthetics, & architecture

Architect Wolfgang Pöschl is a master of modern tourism architecture. For ANTON 2002, he received the state award for architecture (tourism and recreation). His flair for clear lines flows through the atrium spa. Together, we are breaking new ground, which provides our guests with unforgettable vacation perspective in an aesthetic ambiance.

Frequently asked questions about our atrium spa

Question: What does the name "atrium spa" mean?

Answer: In the Roman Empire, "atrium" meant the rectangular interior in the middle of the house with an opening in the roof. Our atrium spa is located in the heart of the hotel with a tree atrium in the middle. It is open on top.

Question: To whom is the atrium spa accessible?

Answer: We ask for your understanding in that the tree atrium and & tea bar areas, panoramic sauna & bio sauna, saltwater pool, sunny terrace, and rooftop garden of the atrium spa are not accessible to children under 18 years old.